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Gaz blocks production in Almaty and Astana

The Almaty autoclave gas unit plant was put into operation in 2015 - a high-tech, fully automated enterprise, one of the largest manufacturers of aerated concrete blocks in Almaty and Almaty region. The production capacity of the line is 100 thousand m3 of production per year, the daily output of products is 300 m3. The new production allows producing a wide range of aerated concrete blocks, and further increasing the nomenclature through the organization of new adjacent industries.
The Akmola autoclave gas unit plant was put into operation in 2016, the production capacity of which is also 100,000 m3 of products per year and has an identical production line.

Almaty factory

Production site

Almaty factory is located in Kaskelen (Almaty region), 15 km from Almaty.
Akmola factory is located in Saryarkinsky district of Astana.
The equipment is located in new production buildings. The production sites of enterprises are equipped with access roads, and also have large areas for off-season storage of finished products.

Production technology

Precise geometry, high strength, low thermal conductivity, environmental friendliness and light weight are indicators of high-quality autoclave gas units. To achieve these parameters, our technologists developed a recipe for the production of aerated concrete in conjunction with technologists from Germany and Russia, taking into account the characteristics of Kazakhstan's raw materials base. Our team of technologists constantly visits conferences and forums devoted to the production of autoclaved aerated concrete products in Russia, Germany, Belarus, to be always aware of news and innovations in the world of goods production from autoclaved aerated concrete.
Quality control
The presence of a modern factory laboratory allows for constant quality control at all stages of production, from raw material analysis to finished products. Only environmentally friendly raw materials are used in the production cycle - sand, lime, cement, water and aluminum paste. All manufactured products fully comply with the requirements of GOST 31360-2007 and GOST 31359-2007, which is confirmed by certificates of compliance and test reports.

Gaz blocks

Wall blocks
Standard blocks with smooth faces are the most popular type of aerated concrete blocks. Optimal for the application of thin-sided masonry, as the composition is easily applied to both horizontal and vertical faces.

Blocks for partitions
Are intended for erection of internal partitions inside buildings.
Combine all the advantages of the gas block - strength, excellent sound insulation properties, high vapor permeability, and at the same time have the optimal thickness for interior partitions.

Gas block adhesive
Cement mortar for the laying of walls from the gas block is not needed. Instead of the solution, it is possible to use a special gas block adhesive.

Our contacts:

Almaty Autoclave Gas Unit Plant
Sales department: 58 a Abay str., Manas str. Corner, Almaty
Plant: 3A Bolashak str., Kaskelen
Monday- Friday: 9:00am - 19:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 14:00pm
8 (778) 455-66-68 - Office
8 (727) 390-98-66 – Sales department
8 (775) 369-17-75 – Head of sales department
8 (701) 210-50-44 - Head of sales department
8 (727) 300-26-27 - Manufacture
8 (701) 155-55-66 – Commercial director
E-mail: info@azag.kz, atolemissov@gmail.com, eratoldo44@mail.ru
arai@azag.kz – Manager Aray
Astana Autoclave Gas Unit Plant
Sales department: 7 Imanbayeva str., IE2, Almaty district, Astana
Plant: Saryarka disctrict (Meat processing plant), C-341 str, bld 12
Monday- Friday: 9:00am - 19:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 14:00pm
+7 701 733 99 59
+7 707 241 44 44

More information: http://azag.kz/
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